The artist



A review by Senior Lecturer MA Elisabeth Hertzum; exhibition-responsible at ‘Banegaarden’, Art and Culture, Aabenraa, Denmark

Her great technical knowledge and creativity characterise the works of Anette Nordentoft Pedersen. Her adaptation of the clay ranges from the transparent floating to the tight geometrical to the heavy and pragmatic.

What is so exciting about Anette Nordentoft Pedersen’s works is her at once traditional and untraditional techniques with the clay. She combines the clay with other materials to give play into and away from each other’s hands to get the sparkle in the glass versus the dullness of the clay – the flexibility of the material versus the solidity of the clay.

She uses the clay as the natural raw material it originally is – in large clear shapes versus the sophisticated shapes and decorations of the pots.Anette Nordentoft Pedersen combines the apparently known in the shapes of the pots with an expressive decoration in both light and shade.

The pottery, which is an ancient technique, becomes art in our time.

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